AI on Blockchain Ecosystem

We have established an AI on Blockchain ecosystem, where on-chain execution of AI models is no longer a theoretical possibility, AI researchers are rewarded for open-sourcing their models, and dApp developers can integrate AI into their smart contracts to build amazing applications.
In addition to the traditional ecosystem of dApp developers, users, and miners, Cortex brings a new player into the ecosystem: AI developers.
Cortex has put forth a mechanism that incentivizes AI developers to store models on the blockchain. This creates an ecosystem for individual AI developers to monetize their AI models on the blockchain where dApp developers have access to the best AI models in the world and have the freedom to choose from. The competition within the ecosystem between AI model providers will naturally lead to the evolution of better and better AI models.

CyFi (AI DeFi by Cortex)
The best investment portfolio (based on our AI model)
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