The first and currently the only public blockchain capable of executing on-chain AI
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Example Use Cases of on-chain AI
  • AI Stablecoins
    Users of a stablecoin governed by AI algorithms with transparent coin-issuing/burning process can be sure of the coin's validity and value.
  • DeFi
    A decentralized lending app can run an AI algorithm to determine your interest rate based on your personal credit history. Every step of the AI inference is transparent to prevent discrimination and ensure fairness.
  • Insurance
    AI can help improve underwriting decisions, better manage risks, and prevent fraud. An insurance DAO powered by on-chain AI can bring us better, cheaper, fairer, and less bureaucratic insurance.
  • Gaming
    CryptoKitties-like games would be much more life-like and interesting if they incorporated AI. Beyond the traditional dApp games on Ethereum, Cortex's unique capability to execute on-chain AI allows for the possibilities of exciting new user experiences.