Cortex Project Updates #10

  • The Cortex team continues to work hard over the past few weeks, both in terms of the technical development of the upcoming testnet and the spreading awareness of the Cortex project.

    Technical Updates
    The technical updates over these past two weeks centered around the development and testing of the Cortex testnet. We have been making substantial progress in testing the functionalities of the blockchain browser, AI model upload, data upload, model and data inference, and smart contract writing etc. We aim to clearly display the logic of the autonomous AI ecosystem by the time we publish the testnet.

    Community Updates
    Artificial Intelligence & Conference in Shanghai
    On August 25th, the Cortex team attended the Artificial Intelligence & Conference in Shanghai. At the event, the business operations team discussed with other AI+blockchain projects on blockchain’s influence on the artificial intelligence industry as well as the possibilities in combining the two technologies.

    alt text

    Cortex team member Bingjing Mei speaking at the conference

    Exchange Update
    CTXC is now officially listed on cryptocurrency exchange BKEX. Starting from August 29th, CTXC is open for deposit on BKEX. On August 30th, the CTXC/USDT and CTXC/ETH pairs are open for trading. On September 5th, CTXC can be traded for fiat currencies on BKEX. Click here to trade!

    alt text

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