Cortex Project Updates #9

  • Over the past few weeks, our operation team continues to travel around the world, spreading awareness of the Cortex project in Canada, Vietnam and Korea. At the same time, the dev team has been making substantial technical progress on both the AI and blockchain fronts.

    Technical Updates
    Technical Progress in AI

    The technical updates over the past few weeks mainly center around three aspects: AI chips, data and algorithm.

    1.In terms AI chip: Performed the Cortex consensus algorithm minimum compatibility test on the CPU and GPU single architecture, and purchased five different computing platforms/architectures.

    2.In terms of data: Built a 320T data warehouse, further progressed in the collection of open source datasets, further researched 2D data enhancement on 3D data, and purchased more than three types of industrial cameras.

    3.In terms of algorithm: researched and reproduced the leading edge algorithms (Glow, paGAN, StarGAN).

    Technical Progress in Blockchain

    1.Studied the development and integration of PoW algorithms. Among the many versions of Cuckoo Cycle, selected the Memory Bound algorithm, integrated CPU miner on full nodes.

    2.Tested smart contracts of the built-in AI instruction set on the Cortex testnet. Implemented monitoring module in full nodes and blockchain browsers for trading activities relating to tokens.

    3.Conducted more in-depth analysis and monitoring on internal transactions on full nodes, and provided API query interface.

    4.Integrated the underlying storage solution based on the Torrent protocol, designed and developed the access control, flow control and economic system of the storage layer.

    5.Specified the storage format of data in the network, introduced data format conversion adapter to provide a more convenient AI model calling channel for non-developer users.

    Community Updates
    Blockchain Futurist Conference in Canada

    On August 15th and 16th, the Cortex team attended the Blockchain Futurist Conference in Toronto hosted by Untraceable Inc. where blockchain innovators, investors and enthusiasts from many industries came together to discuss the future of blockchain. The team introduced the Cortex project to many top leaders in the tech industry and received positive feedbacks. COO Amy Chen was interviewed by Blockgeeks and Hypercube.

    alt text

    COO Amy Chen presenting on stage

    alt text

    Amy receiving interview from Hybercube

    Biztranex Grand Opening in Vietnam
    On August 18th, Cortex was invited to attend the exchange launch of Biztranex in Vietnam. The Cortex team was given the opportunity to introduce its AI-on-blockchain project, and CTXC was officially listed on Biztranex. Trading starts on September 19th!

    alt text

    Signing agreement with Biztranex

    Blockfesta in Korea
    On August 22th and 23th, the Cortex team was in Korea attending Blockfesta 2018. Oscar Wei, Global Operations Manager, represented Cortex to give a keynote speech and was interviewed by Tom Ku and BlockMedia. Other highlight speakers included Changpeng Zhao (CEO of Binance), Roger Ver and Park Won-soon (mayor of Seoul), who expressed high affirmation towards our project.

    alt text

    Oscar Wei presenting on stage

    alt text

    Oscar receiving interview from Block Media at Blockfesta

    Exchange Updates
    On August 17th, CTXC was officially listed on Bithumb, a top digital currency trading platform in Korea and has started trading successfully!

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